Racking Systems & Accessories

Van racking systems is an effective way to maximizing the storage potential inside commercial vans and making sure that almost every inch of the space is used well by professionals and companies alike. It's a must have as it makes organizing tools and equipment much easier and allows one to bring all the equipment needed without having to go back to get more. It being easier to organize tools also means less time is spent finding what's needed and lessens the risk of damage and accidents inside the van. Usually you purchase van racking systems from a manufacturer such as Work System whom produces a vide variety of racks and shelves for most brands of vans. As a Swedish company they provide high quality products for companies that are looking for shelving & racking systems.

High quality for storage

As experts in shelving & van racking systems, Work System produces high quality products made from light-weight steel. Regardless of which type of shelves, racks and other ways of increasing the amount of storage, Work System have what you need regardless of which brand of van you want to optimize. Another reason to buy van racking systems from Work System is the longevity as their products come with a 36 month guarantee. Their modular racking system also means you don't have to buy everything at once but can rather buy parts at your leisure and then expand upon what you have based on what you need at the time.​